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TCI: In the Midst of Life

Leading Idea

TCI is a unique instrument for the analysis, management and design of all processes based on people working together. TCI is associated with an attitude of humanity and appreciation. It has proven especially useful for cooperative work and living … [...]


TCI is THE concept for leadership and management. This is ensured, among other things, by the equal attentiveness to the individual persons the dynamics of togetherness the concern and the goal of the process the structures and the context. The concept … [...]

Teaching and Learning

Shaping educational processes in a lively way is one of the strengths you can develop with TCI. Here you will learn how to turn dull learning material into lively concerns and how to deal well with disturbances in the process. Whether for school, … [...]

Shaping Society

From the beginning, TCI was a method and attitude that wanted to contribute to the humanisation of society. It was developed by Ruth C. Cohn as a counter-design to the manipulative power of speech and to manipulation in society in general. One of the … [...]

Ruth Cohn Institute

The Ruth Cohn Institute for TCI - international (RCI) is the umbrella organisation for numerous regional and professionally oriented associations in which people with different backgrounds come together. They are oriented towards TCI as a form of living … [...]

Historical Development of TCI

"The world is our task. It does not meet our expectations. However, if we stand up for it, this world will become beautiful. If not, it will be nothing." (Cohn 1974, 164) A highly topical subject! [...]